Deep House album cover
Deep House

Punchy underground dance grooves with soulful vocals, minimal electronica, hooky synths and deep subs.

Future Bass album cover
Future Bass

Sharp futuristic beats fused with hooky EDM synths, deep subs and catchy vocals. Ideal for Sports, Reality TV, Urban/Youth and Youtubers.

Meditation album cover

Ethereal drones and atmospheric soundscapes with trippy pads and chill-out vibes take you on a spiritual journey of peaceful tranquility. Perfect for Relaxation, Meditation and Yoga.

Tropical Flavours album cover
Tropical Flavours

Sun-drenched Tropical House perfect for Reality TV, Travel, Advertising and Lifestyle. Featuring irresistible exotic riffs and chilled vocals with feel-good synths and blissed-out keys.

Beat Swing album cover
Beat Swing

An irresistible mashup of vintage 1930s swing and retro big band, fused with hip hop beats, cheeky gypsy flavours, funky basslines and mangled synths with some unforgettably cool vocals. Ideal for Adverts, Reality TV and quirky moments.

Dubstep Chronicles album cover
Dubstep Chronicles

Futuristic hyper fresh dubstep created specially for television and advertising. Featuring ultra sharp beats, mashed up bass riffs, modern synth hooks and hip vocals. Pure Filth!

EDM Heaven
EDM Heaven

Anthemic EDM dance with epic builds and uplifting drops. Perfect for Television, Adverts and Film with energetic housebeats, hooky bass riffs, futuristic synths and blissed-out piano textures and pads.

Electro Anthems album cover
Electro Anthems

Motivational high energy electro house with super useful builds, hooky synth riffs and banging drops. Perfect for Sports, Workouts, Reality TV, Adverts and Corporate.